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We are committed to giving you cutting-edge solutions when it comes to facilitating your business model. We work on the lines and deliver; we don’t have the word “excuses” in our work dictionary. We understand the pivotal role Internet plays in today’s business environment and we are pioneers in using the medium in the most suitable way for your business. We understand how important it is for businesses to keep up with sophisticated customers, and better yet, we know just how to help you reach them.


With a broad and well-equipped team of SEO developers, inbound marketers, and designers, we are well grounded to help our clients achieve their business goals and make them achieve their targets no matter how different or complex your business is.

Offering our services over a wider palate, we have been working with start-ups, small and big businesses since years, happily satisfying clients through all their business needs. Implementing strategies which are an ideal mix of SMO, SEO, PPC, SEM, web designing and inbound marketing strategies, we help you turn around your business as you put your trust in us.

With an ROI driven approach and strong work ethics, our work speaks for itself. We build prospects for your business and bring quality traffic by executing strategies just the way they should be. We don’t compromise ever on our strategies.

Backed with a highly professional bent of mind, our relationships with our clients are for everybody to see. We care like no one!


We charge a cup of hot coffee and good company for a free consultation and brainstorming. We have maintained this over the years and we shall always do!

who we are

What is our biggest concern whenever we design any marketing activity? What is the primary target of any business activity or a marketer? How do we achieve that which we have been trying to achieve since long? How do we make more people visit our website every day? How do we prosper and grow business every single day? Branding is the call of the hour and it is important to differentiate. We need to talk about our uniqueness and highlight our USP’s; we need to create a strong brand in the minds of people. It is here that Theseoservice comes in. We have all the cutting edge resources and the expertise to bring more eyeballs to your online presence and help you grow your business through the most effective digital marketing strategies. By implementing innovative social media campaigns and effective SEO techniques, we help your business grow to an insurmountable length in the shortest time.

who we are
what expect


It is not just important but imperative for any business to stay on top all the time. In business, being the second is not acceptable to meet the ever growing demands of the market. We encourage and envisage the popular idea of “Being NO.1”. Being ranked on the first position in the search results is what we thrive for, with any client we work with. Most of the people don’t even go beyond the first ranking when they search on the web and it is here that we put you on the search sphere. Being second to none is the way to go. To facilitate networking and to reach your target customers, search engine optimization is the most favourable strategy and the only way to build healthy relationships and a strong foundation for future business.


Short on Meetings, long in results, this is who we are! We sweat the details to ensure creativity drives ROI.
With a highly specialized team driven by creative intelligence and market acumen, we help bring out the glitches and the problem areas in your business strategies in the first interaction itself. We discuss, brainstorm and talk more and more in order to know you better. We audit your campaigns and business strategies closely and figure out the exact loopholes in your online marketing campaigns. We are a team of highly experienced online marketers with the aim of humanizing brands through strategic and well-planned online marketing activities. More than expertise, you will love working with us!

why us


Focussed on improving the digital marketing experiences for our clients, we work with a close client -centric approach. Working closely with you on regular basis, we plan, execute and monitor all your strategies and campaigns to make you rank high in your digital presence and online business. We are not just a company; we become your close confidants to make you achieve top results in the web sphere.

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